Day 235 – The Innocence of Lance Armstrong.

What is that Mr. Armstrong guilty of? He was merely acting in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ at all cost, as they say, winning at any cost, the core foundation, the DNA of ‘winner takes all’ principle of Capitalism and competition.

From the very childhood, don’t we teach and program our children to compete and win, and don’t we cross the lines sometimes? Don’t our politicians and leaders justify all sorts of activities like Bank bailouts, wars, and corruption and still claim to be legal, fair, moral even religious? And those politicians and bankers too, were acting in ‘pursuit of their happiness’, with nice justifications.

When the Big boys invade and bomb the hell out of other countries and occupy their lands and resources, isn’t that a form of competition, and winning by bending laws of humanity? Isn’t war competition? Isn’t war about ‘winner takes all, and winning at any cost’?

Mr. Armstrong was born and bred in a world system that promotes competition, survival, and winning at any cost. And he did a damn good job, he simply assisted himself with so-called enhancement dopes, I mean, he just carried out his basic/core pattern, programmed behavior of living, surviving, and winning at any cost.

Have we not done anything ‘illegal’ in our pursuit of happiness? Or anything unethical, immoral, or even cruel for that matter? Pick a few examples, slaves in China or in Bangladesh working hard in absolute deplorable conditions so that we can ‘pursuit our happiness’, but we say that is legal and fair? Something is profoundly wrong with our logic, either that or our logic is very selective; see the world around, the abuse that goes on unnoticed while we happily, “legally” pursuit our happiness at the cost of others.

Why are we beating up a man for doing what we as a society taught him to do? He did an awesome job for a decade or so then the little glitches in the system rules caught up with him. He was merely winning at all cost, in pursuit of his happiness. But the big bankers and war mongers are never guilty of anything, are they? Mind you, they too are in pursuit of their happiness perhaps bending the laws of every land on earth and public opinion along the way.

Mr. Armstrong, you’re not guilty, next time however don’t get caught while you trick the system, be smart about it, find ways and means to maneuver around it, use your awesome cycling skills, or get some tips from those big bankers, lawyers, and politicians, you name it, they do it for living.

In pursuit of our happiness, we are destroying this planet, humanity and nature, those are the real crimes that are going on, and we are responsible for it. Beating up little pawns like Lance may make us feel good about our guilt-free pure selves for a moment.

Time to wake up and clean up this world, and may be then we can pursuit happiness for real without causing harm to anyone or anything. Thank you Mr. Armstrong, for standing strong in the gallows of the world system, in that showing us how disgustingly abusive this world system is, all in the name of ‘pursuit of happiness’, for some.

Study us: Equal Money Capitalism to create a world that is best for all.

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