No more working till 65 – Pension Age 22 in Equal Money System.

Most people work all their lives, not that they love to work so much, but they have to work, to pay the bills till they die. Such is the beast we have created within the current money system, i.e Capitalism. Retirement is somewhere between 60-65. The whole working life we save for our retirement. We live to work, not work to live.

There is ample news lately showing how the so-called retirement funds have been vanishing under the nose. Many seniors after having worked for all their lives now left with nothing, old and poor is not a pretty site. Placing hope in the Retirement Funds is another scam in the system of capitalism, yes some get lucky but most are not so lucky. 

The bigger question to ask is, why retire at 65? Why not retire at 22? Within equal money system, retirement at 22 is indeed possible, right after the compulsory work-study 4-year program you can chose to sit on the beach all your life till the sea vanishes, if you so chose to do so. Meanwhile never lose any life-entitlements you’re promised by the Equal Money System. 

Of course, you will live in ample but not in luxury, for which you will require to ‘earn’ extra credits to purchase cool stuff. But you don’t earn for survival, you earn for luxury which you can live without. As per having a respectable dignity of life, you can easily retire at 22, and enjoy a good life at the beach, till you die. 

Moreover, you sort of earn that life-long entitlement, by giving 4 year of compulsory work-study program, during which you did your ‘dirty jobs’, so now at 22, you can indeed retire for good. 

If you chose to enter the Equal Labor System to participate in ‘work’ to ‘earn’, you can always momentarily suspend your beach life and return to ‘work’. Of course, you can always return to retirement anytime; your life entitlements like housing, water, food, medicine, education, transportation will be provided unconditionally as a birthright from birth to death, you retired or not.

Such is the power of life based system, what we call Equal Money System. Join us today, give up the nightmare of retiring at 65 and never knowing if your so-called retirement funds will be there or not. Join us, without a single monthly premium you will get life long entitlements, because you’re a fucking human being, so you deserve all that everyone else deserve. let’s care for each other, that’s what equal money system is all about.

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