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What does Breathing do?

We say breathe and breathe, but what does breathing do?

First of all, breathing cuts the thinking mind and the ego. The mind’s ego cannot regenerate while breathing. The story of the mind is stopped, hence the production of further consequential outflows are reduced. Breathing takes you to the physical, the source of self, where all suffering stops. Once within the body as breath, the thinking machine stops as well. Been in the body is a refuge for self, its a safe heaven from the all that nasty brutality goes within the mind while thinking. I read elsewhere, it says “thinking is very destructive to the body”. 

Hence within breathing, you return to your source, the physical. Of course, the problems won’t go away, you still have to cook and clean, at least you can now do those tasks while been HERE totally. 

Its nice to be in the company of a being who is HERE without any thinking going on. When you’re totally present here, as breath, as the physical here, even your so-called enemies will enjoy your company. I know I enjoy been in the presence of beings who are totally and entirely here. I can’t stand been with my dad, because I can sense he is a non-stop thinker, you can just see it on his face. Completely possessed by his thinking and emotional mind activities. Very rarely do I see him just been here, totally present. Like father like son, I do the exact same thing, I am rarely here, always gone somewhere to think about. 

So it is suggested to breathe, be here entirely totally, do what is needed here. Carry water, chop wood, do what is best for all, work to bring a world that is best for all. That is the whole point of breathing here, is to remain totally stable here, so that you can do what is best for all, not just what is best for you, which is a side bonus, yes. 

Breathe, be here, be in the source of self, the physical, its good for you, and good for all.   

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