Breath by breath, Piece by piece.

Nice one written by Bernard Poolman today:

‎”Walk directively – breath by breath – accomplishing every task, piece by piece managing your time effectively, knowing that you will have to walk through the resistance, and that by doing it this way – you will accomplish a result you are satisfied with. And in this way – focus on self-satisfaction, that empowers you to be able to contribute to what is best for all, and through that -acquire a real benevolence and self-acceptance.” – Bernard Poolman

The key point for me is walking through resistance, yes that is something I have to really push myself. Because I have found I easily give up, at the slightest difficulty I am ready give up, also breathing, breath by breath is the another key. 

Lately I have observed the benefits of getting something done just by breathing and applying myself breath by breath. I mean, only one thing I can do at a time, one thing per breath. Just doing that one thing correctly or properly allow me to do the next thing properly within the next breath. Likewise, things accumulate, breath by breath, soon you realize the project you started with much reluctance is almost done. 

While making my YouTube videos, I run into resistance at times, so how I overcame that is, just doing one thing at a time. I have few time saving tricks as well, but still I have to do things “step by step” to get a video finish and uploaded. Not focusing on the next step helps, Just get this step finish properly. 

With video making, I open an existing project, so for this I have to add a new picture, so I have to download a picture, that’s a step. Then, I have to edit the title of the video, have to change the colors of the text, then save the project back, so there are 5-6 steps and finally generating the movie file. Now I have made a video within 5-6 steps, with each step I have to breathe and get it done properly, otherwise my video will be messed up. And finally, uploading it, here similar steps, finding new tags, a title, right links, and finally copying the video link into FB and other sites. About 10+ steps, each step matters, I have to breathe, stay within this step, stay within this breath, not giving into the resistance at any stage, while my mind always remind me to give it up, I have gotten used to that, and able to make videos with much ease.

Same breath-by-breath approach I haven’t been able to apply to other areas yet. That is my struggle. But I can see, breath-by-breath, pushing through the resistances is something I can apply to any area of my life. Even in human communications, while I am experiencing difficulty speaking to any specific being, I simply have to breathe, be here, push through the resistance to communicate. In that I get things done, and not avoid anything or anyone. 

Self writing is another example, where I can use the advice to push through resistance, and get it done breath by breath. As there is always ample excuses to give up self writing daily. Thanks to the beautiful quote by Bernard Poolman, I made it today.

Breath by Breath, Piece by Piece, I will apply myself when and as I see myself facing any resistances to doing anything in my life. Likewise, breath by breath, piece by piece, let’s put Equal Money System in place that is best for all. 

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