Lie of E-co-nomy revealed by E-coli.

The news from Europe is bad: E-coli (Escherichia coli) outbreaks via yummy cucumbers, very bad for the economy and human health. 18 people have died and some 1600+ left people sick. Nobody really knows what’s going on? Whom to blame? What to do?
There is panic in the ‘market’ as whole sale markets for cucumbers and veggies are going through some price fluctuations. Loss of profits for the big bosses in the markets is a huge concern, while the farmers have to pay out their earnings for the outbreak. The growers and consumers are the ones who are suffering, I doubt if the big bosses in the stock markets care about the outbreak, other than worry about their own profits and losses.
As usual capitalism only worries about PROFIT, in fact this madness to make profit has turned into a cancer that is destroying our earth, just look around everywhere, the rush to make a profit is destroying our earth. For the sake of earning a living, we humans give into this madness of profit making regardless of its consequences.
Profit making is a cancer out of control. Recent financial losses in the European vegetable markets shows that E-coli is killing the ‘cancer of profit’ through yummy cucumbers. It’s a bad news for Capitalism. E-coli is also killing humans and making them sick.
There is a much easier way to contain the disease of capitalism, and that is Equal Money System, as it removes all forms of abuse in farming and growth of agricultural produces. In the absence of current abuses, I doubt things like E-coli will ever manifest. 
We are compelled to ask the question: What is that E-coli showing to us? Is there a message in it for humanity? Yes there is, stand up for the equality of everything in this world. Bring all together. Let’s not discard or dismiss anything or anyone.
Equality means everything here, equal and one, therefore lets take care of all. Whereas for capitalism, only profit means everything. So I say, E-coli is here to kill the cancer of profit, to put a break to the madness of capitalism. Sadly, humans too are paying the price as physical sickness and unnecessary deaths.
In the last 200+ years of Profit Making, there are ample evidences of abuses to suggest that capitalism must come to an end, and that cancer is finally reaching its own end.
E-co-lie is revealing the lie of E-co-nomy, as hidden capitalistic abuses over the decades and centuries can no longer be covered up.  All in the name of making a profit.  Enough is enough.
Time to investigate Equal Money System.   Time to birth a new earth.
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