Daily Archives: May 22, 2011

May 21 2011: World has not Ended, but the Bible has Ended itself. It lied.

So I am still here days past 21 of May 2011, the magical day according to many Christians. The world is still here, nothing has happened and I am still here. So there is an important lessons in this, it is not the world that has ended, but the Christian believe system which has pushed its own ‘end’ button. Along with it, the bible is now the new National Enquirer.

Given the trustworthiness and reliability many Christians have in their Bible, 21-May 2011 is a very disappointing day, moreover, this day has shattered the faith and trust they had in the bible. The bible is no more the most trustworthy book, it has lies.

So May 21 2011 is the day that ended the dominion of the bible, this day effectively brought an end to the bible. the bible is no more. Going forward how can we ever trust the bible again? A serious led down by the bible, I was hoping on May 21 2011 that bible would show its power of God’s holy words. But nothing of that sort happened, leading me to totally disregard the bible.

The world has not ended, but the bible has ended itself. It has lied, big time.