Osama is dead: ‘Equality for All’ is the solution.

Growing up in Sri Lanka, I can recall a saying something similar to: “treat your enemy with respect at his funeral”. I suppose it means that death is a great of point of equality, meaning, we all will return to death, it’s point where everyone must stand, it’s the ultimate point of equality, by recognizing that fact, “treat your enemy with respect at his funeral” is indeed a cool saying.

There is something wicked about celebrations or partying when we hear the news about an enemy. world has seen many of those, when Hitler died following the 2nd world war many rejoiced it, about 2 years ago in Sri Lanka when the leader of the Tamil Tigers, vellupullai prabakaran was killed in war, the entire south of the island erupted in rejoice and celebration. I am sure the 1 billion Chinese will party too in time when Dalai lama passes away. Each group got their own enemy number one.

The death of an enemy is celebrated by the other sides, and this is worldwide phenomena. But it feels wicked indeed. No death is a cause of celebration or rejoice, it must be a point of realization and correction, if at all possible forgiveness too.

Groups against groups, religions against religions, nations against nations, the world against itself, humanity against humanity, we are fighting against ourselves. we are killing ourselves, therefore death is not a cause of celebration, but time for reflection and self-forgiveness.

This fragmented world as it is cannot continue, a practical oneness and equality must be established. This war against humanity by humanity cannot continue. Investigate Equal Money System, investigate self-forgiveness. Investigate desteni-i-process.

Now I see, ‘treating your enemy with respect at his funeral’ is so natural when equality for all is here. It is the key. You may not even have enemies then.

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