Watch out for next 10 years

A letter to a friend:

Hi Vasantha,

yes please visit and learn about the self-supporting tools then as you develop in self-trust you can start speaking about equal life party stuff. but first self, meaning, you have to become utterly self-honest, for which you have to self-walk a process of 2-3 years of self-forgiveness etc.

so see the site get involved for yourself. then as inner so outer, you will naturally take part in changing this world for what is best for all. of course equal money system, equal labor, equal education, equal housing will all make sense to you. we are so mind preprogrammed even to question capitalism is so hard for some, they think its been evil to question the capitalism etc.

so yes we are becoming the new politicians and new economists of the world first by becoming self-honest human beings. again only in 10-15 years we will register the equal life party in every country, so by the time we bring equal life systems that supports all life equally, we estimate good 20-25 years. but it must be done, and it will be done.

much chaos and calamities are on the table as you can see in increased in natural warnings for humanity. even the birds are dying to tell us something. you must have heard birds, bats, fishes, honey bees, have vanished in sudden vast numbers in last few years. at the same time democracy is arising, even in unimaginable places like libya etc, and it must, its all assisting to bring a new world.

so watch-out for next 10 years as humanity get ready to self create a new world. this is a universal process, time has come to end man’s brutal ego towards himself and nature. And don’t count on afterlife promises, we only worry about how to create a practical heaven on earth. that’s all, no heavens no hells, all is here. and you by self-forgiving and becoming self-honest to yourself, you will assist in the creation of heaven on earth, along with others who are walking this process.

i know you stood for justice in many points in your life, now stand for equality for all humans. its a whole new journey. so i invite you visit and start your self-forgiveness process. one breath at a time. though the project is massive, but all starts with you, just one breath at a time.



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